Roque sur Ceze banniere

Discover the testimony of Edmond Jouvenel, Mayor of La Roque-sur-Cèze

Edmond Jouvenel

Edmond Jouvenel

  • Mayor of La Roque-sur-Cèze
  • Since 2008
  • French departement: Gard (30)
  • Region: Occitanie


Tell us about your greatest pride as mayor:

Our town has been awarded the label « Plus Beaux Village de France » (Most Beautiful Villages in France). This guarantee of tourist development and the many points of interest of the territory for visitors (villages, Cascades du Sautadet…) have led me to adapt the infrastructures. The creation of the CAMPING-CAR PARK stopover area was part of this approach to improving the services provided. At the same time, we had to ensure that the peace and quiet was preserved, while continuing to safeguard the heritage of our village. More than pride, it is for me a great personal satisfaction.


What were your expectations in creating a stopover area with CAMPING-CAR PARK?

At the beginning of our mandate, it was essential to find a solution to manage tourist flows in our territory. We have therefore created a CAMPING-CAR PARK stopover area to ensure that tourists and locals could live together in a lasting way. By creating this site on our communal land, we have managed wild camping, the arrival of caravans of all kinds, campfires and all the other disturbances that can disrupt local life. Thanks to the management by CAMPING-CAR PARK, the village quickly regained its peace and quiet.


What are the benefits of the stopover area for your community and the citizens?

It took two years for the project to win unanimous support. Today, the stopover area is an integral part of the village and allows local economic actors to generate substantial income. In terms of the benefits that the site brings to the community, we like to say that 1€ invested in tourism represents 4€ of income. In addition, the site represents about 2% of the town’s operating budget. We have successfully met our challenge by creating this motorhome stopover! We are proud to say today that the management of tourist flows has been the major point of our mandate and that we have rightly managed them. 


Why would you recommend CAMPING-CAR PARK to another community?

We recommend CAMPING-CAR PARK to other local authorities because we have complete confidence in their teams. This is why a real partnership has developed over time between the municipality and the company. We appreciate their know-how, their transparency and like to stress that they always respect their commitments. This is something that has been important in the business relationship we have had since 2016.