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Discover the testimony of Patrick Jouin, Mayor of La Faute-sur-Mer from 2014 to 2020

Patrick Jouin

Patrick Jouin

  • Mayor of La Faute-sur-Mer
  • From 2014 to 2020
  • French departement: Vendée (85)
  • Region: Pays de la Loire


Tell us about your greatest pride as mayor:

My greatest pride since 2014 is having secured the peninsula of La Faute-sur-Mer. On the one hand, thanks to the repair of the dykes and, on the other hand, thanks to a Communal Development Plan (Plan Communal de Développement) that secures, reassures and allows the town to ensure its development. 

I have always said: « You can only start to work seriously for the town once you have ensured its safety! » And this is the case today throughout the town.


What were your expectations in creating a stopover area with CAMPING-CAR PARK?

Because of cyclone Xynthia, nearly 600 houses and tourist facilities were destroyed. La Faute-sur-Mer therefore had to prepare itself for the tourist renewal that awaited it. Just because we had lost some second residences did not mean that we were no longer able to welcome tourists. It was important for the municipality to welcome motorhomes; for obvious reasons, we wanted to organise our territory as well as possible in order to avoid wild camping. Moreover, as Vice-President in charge of tourism for my Local Council Community, I campaign for the improvement of the quality of tourist reception. The west of France has sometimes suffered from a bad image concerning the quality of its reception and accommodation; it seems essential to me to offer a quality service to motorhome users: water, electricity, shaded pitches, WiFi… It is to address these issues that we have called on CAMPING-CAR PARK. They have enabled us to find a solution adapted to the needs of the town despite some prior reluctance on the part of the shopkeepers. The latter have quickly realised that motorhome users are also contributing  to the local economy. 


Why did you decide to create a second CAMPING-CAR PARK site?

The first CAMPING-CAR PARK area, « Les Pins », located in the town center, was necessary for those who wanted to stay near the shops and services. But it was also essential to offer a site for those who wanted more freedom by staying in a less urban setting. We therefore created our second CAMPING-CAR PARK site, right next to the beach and the river.


What are the benefits of CAMPING-CAR PARK for your community and the citizens? 

Residents are often economic actors. In response to cyclone Xynthia and the many homes that were descontructed, the two motorhome stopovers have transformed the population that had disappeared into a new one that lives, goes to restaurants and shops in the town. In addition, the occupancy agreement with CAMPING-CAR PARK and the number of visitors significantly contribute to the municipal budget.  This contribution is not neutral and allows the town’s resources to be enhanced. The CAMPING-CAR PARK stopover areas are an important potential economic resource as their income increases the fiscal pressure of the municipality every year.