About us

CAMPING-CAR PARK was born when two experts on territorial tourist development joined forces in 2011. They came up with an automated solution for motorhomes and campervans which would meet the needs of 2,8 millions motorhomes registered in Europe, but also of local territories.

Today, this Pornic based start-up is the 1st European network of stopover areas and services areas to be accessible 24/7. Safety and services are top priorities on our sites. As local territories are at the heart of the concept, we aim to make them more dynamic, through the diversification of tourist facilities. For almost 10 years, we have been providing a unique service with connected areas that operate autonomously, all while being deeply ingrained in the local economic fabric and culture. This offer lives up to the evolving expectations of travellers and the motorhome market, and solves certain difficulties faced by local territories.

Did you know ?

  • Founded in 2011.
  • 115 employees, of which 42 call agents, are part of this great adventure.
  • number of calls treated by the customer relations service : 276 035 per annum
  • 850 000 customers are  PASS’ÉTAPES card holders.
  • More than 500 destinations on offer in the network.



“It has always been our desire to make the most beautiful tourist destinations accessible for motorhomes and campervans,  all while respecting the richness of the surrounding areas !”

Laurent Morice, President and co-founder