The equipment for your motorhome area

Unlike a simple parking lot, an area or a campsite provide equipment and services essential to the autonomy and proper functioning of leisure vehicles (eg: waste disposal, supplying drinking water, etc.)

The advantage of structuring your territory :

  • Offer better cohabitation between motorhome operators and citizens,
  • Solve parking difficulties,
  • Maintain or develop the tourist attractiveness of the regions while respecting the environment.
The various solutions we offer are based on connected motorway equipment using proven technology:

The technical characteristics of the equipment:

  •  Materials and supplies of European origin.
  • 316L marine grade stainless steel : stainless steel, resistant to all aggressive environments.
  • French manufacture in our workshops in Pornic (44, France).
  • CE material conforms to all applicable APAVE approved standards.
  • Equipped with  management software allowing remote control of equipment and customers by our services.

The equipment for your motorhome area

1 Communication / Signage pack
2 The payment terminal
3 The entrance/exit terminal
4 The automatic barrier
5 Electrical cabinet
6 Wifi Terminal
7 The electrical terminal for motorhomes
8 The service terminal
9 The waste disposal terminal
10 Ready-to-pour concrete Kits
11 New!
The digital availability panel

Communication / Signage pack

In order to enhance your motorhome stopover, we offer a complete signage package. 

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The payment terminal

The CAMPING-CAR PARK payment machine is located at the entrance of the stopover area and offers several services (in several languages), allowing an autonomous access, 24 hours a day, to all the European motorhome owners

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The entrance/exit terminal

The entrance and exit terminals allow the opening and closing of the gate. Equipped with an RFID reader, these terminals allow the management and control of the entry and exit of motorhomes.

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The automatic barrier

The automatic gate secures access to the stopover area and helps to prevent fraud. Combined with the entrance and exit terminals equipped with an RFID reader, it allows the management and control of the entry and exit of motorhomes.

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Electrical cabinet

The electrical cabinet on the network areas groups together all the electrical devices necessary for the proper functioning of the stopover area and distributes the current to the various equipment.

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Wifi Terminal

The WiFi hotspot system allows good quality internet access. 

The video surveillance system on the CAMPING-CAR PARK sites is useful for preventing intrusions, theft and damage 24 hours a day.

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The electrical terminal for motorhomes

Thanks to an external reset, the electric terminal allows motorhome users to recharge the batteries of their motorhomes. Individual access to electricity is a service that is highly appreciated by motorhome users.

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The service terminal

The service terminal, which is essential for motorhome users, allows the following services to be provided on a stopover area or service area, in full autonomy: emptying black and grey waters, cleaning the cassettes, filling the tank with drinking water.

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The waste disposal terminal

The motorhome waste disposal terminal (also known as the « zone de vidange ») provided by CAMPING-CAR PARK is integrated into the service terminal and is used to empty waste water (grey and black waters) from motorhomes.

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Ready-to-pour concrete Kits

Thanks to the Ready-to-pour concrete Kits, you can set up your own motorhome stopover easily and in record time.

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The digital availability panel


Connected to our network management software, this panel indicates in real time the number of pitches available in the motorhome stopover.

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