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1.Saturday evening 11:30 p.m. a client cannot leave the site. The card does not work or they lost it.

Who deals with it ?

CAMPING-CAR PARK remotely manages, opens, cash, all year long.

Client service telephone number: 01 83 64 69 21


2. The payment terminal does not work the day before a busy weekend. Who receives the alert and who handles it?

No loss of licence-fees for the Municipality, the Client Service cashes the client’s payments in real time. According to the diagnosis, a technician intervenes remotely or on site under 48h.


3. A dissatisfied customer asks for a refund on a Sunday afternoon. What do you do?

Our call centre is available all year long from 7a.m. to midnight (depending on the season) and manages the complaints in real time.


4. The payment terminal’s printer does not have any more paper. Who deals with it ?

CAMPING-CAR PARK does not distribute credit card receipts for environmental reasons. Receipts are virtual and it can be checked on the user’s personal account.


5. In case of emergency and the site must be evacuated. Who deals with it ?

Our Client Service has the cellphone numbers of all users present on a site and it can manages the evacuation.


6. If the circuit breaker trips during a storm and the gate opens. Will all clients leave the site for “free”?

No! CAMPING-CAR PARK knows the parking duration of each user and charges consequently, even after the client left the site.


7. The Municipality wants to show its local business to the motorhome drivers (producers, shops… ). What is their visibility?

CAMPING-CAR PARK ensures the communication and promotion of your territory on multiple media supports (Web, newsletter, application, social media… )


8. If you organise an event, a festival or something else, How should the “target” clients be informed ?

The events are publicized on all media supports for the 900.000 users. Booking is suggested and managed by the booking service.


9. Does your destination appear on the first Google page?

Yes: our Communication Service handles it daily.


10. The Municipality wants the tourist tax and parking rates displayed separately, Is this possible?

Yes, CAMPING-CAR PARK distinguishes the 2 rates on the receipts.