The service terminal

The service terminal is essential equipment for motorhome operators. This terminal makes it possible to deliver the following services to an aire or a service aire in complete autonomy : 

  • Emptying black and gray water
  • Cleaning the cassettes 
  • Filling the reservoir with drinkable water. 

This equipment is part of a green approach and allows motorhome operators to carry out these operations on a suitable site,  thus avoiding illegal dumping.

borne camping car


  • Equipment manufactured in our workshop in Pornic (44), France
  • Complies with current French and European standards (PMR/NFP/EN/NFEN/NFC1500)
  • CE Material compliant with all applicable standards
  • Stainless steel 316L body guaranteed for 20 years, austenitic stainless steel (1.4404)
  • Secure and lockable technical access door
  • Instruction in several languages
  • 2 drinking water taps controlled by triggering solenoid valves by the action of on or off pushbuttons
  • 1 toilet rinsing valve controlled by the action of triggering of on or off pushbuttons
  • Dispenser for emptying toilet cassettes
  • Led lighting strip
  • Electrical outlets compliant with European standards (option)
  • General disconnector
  • 30mA differential circuit breaker (1 per socket)
  • 230V 16A IP44 socket –
  • 2nd 230V 16A IP44 socket
  • Antifreeze kit included
  • 100 W heating, ventilation and thermostatically controlled cord
  • Connected terminal or ALL IN ONE service terminal migration possible (option)
  • remote control possible (connected terminal or all in one option)
  • Bank card reader (connected terminal or all in one option)
  • Dimensions : 1600 x 560 x 460 mm
  • Weight of approximately 135 kg with a high degree of protection and resistance: IP 66
  • Insulation of the walls by compensated aluminum film.
  • Degrees of protection : IP 66
7B 5
6B 7
5B 8
4B 7
3B 7
2B 8
1B 7