Communication and promotion management

Our communication experts at the service of your region.

CAMPING-CAR PARK takes care of the communication and promotion of your site or campsite in order to increase the number of visitors, build customer loyalty and make your area more dynamic.

The team is constantly working with the Tourist Offices linked to your town. The objective is twofold: 

  • To be informed of the events linked to tourism on your territory and share them with our community, 
  • To have a representative near the network’s sites to communicate with motorhome users. 

Animating the 925 000 motorhome users and promoting the more than 600 destinations of the network lead us to use multiple means of communication. These online and offline means allow us to personalise the content and create regular contact. Thanks to countless data concerning their way of travelling on the network, we get to know the motorhome users a little better everyday. This allows us to adapt our services to their expectations and needs. 

We adopt a dynamic network strategy to encourage our customers to travel by introducing them to the CAMPING-CAR PARK destinations. 


The team’s role on a daily basis: 

  • Create communication mediums to promote the sites and their surroundings. 
  • Carry out targeted communication operations to acquire new members and create customer loyalty. 
  • Publish content daily on social media.
  • Stay in contact with Tourist Offices.
  • Create tourist itineraries and develop partnerships with local producers.

What sets them apart?

As true tourism professionals, strategists and adepts of customer data, they use the most adapted communication techniques to increase your notoriety and attract tourists to your territory. 

communication 2

The communication tools used daily promote your destination:

  • Social media:

Daily publication on Facebook to inspire and retain the more than 39 000 subscribers. 

What are the benefits of entrusting the management of social media to our team? 

Everyday, the team publishes content towards motorhome users on social media. They mainly share the network’s news, events near the areas, ambassadors’ reviews, and also a few entertaining publications to animate and develop the community’s loyalty.  Questions and comments are answered within the hour by the team!


  • Website:

The website gives travellers key information to understand the concept, such as: What is CAMPING-CAR PARK?, How does it work?, Where can I stay?, The good deals, The tours, The real-time availability.

What are the benefits for your destination to be listed on our website? 

Each CAMPING-CAR PARK area is referenced on our website by a dedicated page.  As well as describing and promoting the site, we highlight the region in which the area is located. 


The goal is to give motorhome users the information they need to prepare their stay: 

  • Characteristics of the area (address, number of pitches, available services, location, specificities…).
  • Description of the city (whether it is a mountain, sea or heritage destination…).
  • Tourist activities and points of interest not to be missed in the region. 
  • Real-time availability. 


  • Newsletter :

2 newsletters translated into 4 languages (French, English, German and Spanish) are sent every week to the 900 000 customers. 

What are the benefits of our newsletter for your destination?

The CAMPING-CAR PARK newsletter is a regular meeting point between motorhome users and the network. This communication tool allows us to build customer loyalty while promoting the areas and campsites.  Customers can be informed of the newest sites, the real-time services available or even book their stay directly from the newsletter. It also shares the events near the different sites, special offers, etc… 


  • Mobile application:

1srt mobile application dedicated to European motorhome users. (770 000 downloads to date)

What are the benefits for your destination to be listed on our app? 

This brand new mobile application is the result of a close relationship with our customers and partners. More practical, detailed and fast, it is already very appreciated by motorhome users who give it a majority rating of 5 stars out of 5! 

With its various features, it is the first app dedicated to European motorhome users, allowing them to:


  • Book directly from the application for the desired dates. 
  • Have real-time access to the availability of more than 500 destinations and their photos, GPS coordinates, reviews, services and points of interest nearby. 
  • Create itineraries, search for the network’s sites or any destination on the interactive map. 
  • Consult their account balance and pay for their stays.
  • Consult their personal account (past, current and future stays).


  • The blog:

The blog is a way to stimulate the network by highlighting areas according to a theme (sharing relevant and recent content by communicating on current events and topics  related to the tourist period). 


  • The roadmap:

Each year, more than 260 000 copies of the roadmap presenting the entire network are published. In addition to their positions on the map, the areas are described with their services available, their exact addresses and GPS coordinates. 


  • The tours: 

They guide customers during their trips. Each month, new itinerary ideas gather a few CAMPING-CAR PARK areas around a thematic tour (discovering a region, heritage, gastronomy…) according to the season and current events. 


  • The good deals:

Our Tourism Product Manager has established partnerships with local craftsmen, producers and local economic players to offer « Good deals » to motorhome users and to promote local trade.


  • Press release:

Territories and actions carried out by the elected representative are highlighted through daily publication of press articles (network news, site openings, inaugurations, results recorded on sites…) 


  • The little extra –  The ambassadors : 

80 enthusiast motorhome users stay in the CAMPING-CAR PARK sites and promote the network. They are our eyes on sites and provide us with any information we need to improve our services.