Operational management

Operational management 365 days a year.

Our teams assure the operational management of your stopover area, your campsite and their users 24 hours a day. Teams dedicated to the management of your motorhome stopover or campsite: Customer Service, Technical Assistance, Financial Management et Operational Monitoring.

Customer Service :

42 multilingual advisors reachable 365 days per year from 7 am until midnight or from 8 am until 11 pm (depending on the season). They help and give the travellers information about the network’s areas.  

The team’s role on a daily  basis:

  • Resolution of payment system errors (payment terminal, customer card, etc.)
  • Resolution of problems encountered by customers (electric terminals, incivilities, etc.)
  • Follow-up of online bookings, payments, complaints…
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Technical Assistance :

They ensure that equipment is being monitored and working properly 365 days per year.

The team’s role on a daily  basis:

  • Daily check of the proper functioning of the equipment and resolution of any malfunctions in your area or campsite.
  • Daily check of the barriers and automats
  • Remote management of entry and exit gates.


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Financial Management :

The team is in charge of the financial management of the areas.  

As a result, 10.200.000 € were returned  to the local authorities in 2023.

The team’s role on a daily  basis:

  • Receipt 
  • Invoicing 
  • Management of special offers 
  • Collection of the tourist tax, payment of bank charges
  • Payment by holiday vouchers
  • Complaints management…



Operational Monitoring:

They ensure partner loyalty and customer satisfaction on a daily basis. 

The team’s role on a daily  basis:

  • Quality control (maintenance, equipment monitoring, displays, rates, regulations, etc.) 
  • Area or campsite reputation (rating on the website, Google My Business reviews, social media, etc… )
  • Financial growth of the site (support and advice to increase the attendance…) 
  • Regular communication with the partner (activity report, administrative follow-up…).
  • Coordination of the technical relationship with the different internal services (follow-up of the requests until their resolution…) 
  • Development of tourist activities.


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Tools provided to local authorities and campsite managers:

  • Le Dashboard / Interface partenaire :

It provides our partner with an analytical view of the figures concerning their area or campsite managed by CAMPING-CAR PARK. (Real-time visibility of consumption and attendance)


  • CCP Check : 

Real time access to the information concerning the area using a TECHNICAL PASS’ETAPES (availability/bookings) as well as information on the clients on site (name, date of entry, account balance…) 


  • User Safety :

 they pass on your evacuation and/or lockdown orders (prevention plan).

The team’s role on a daily  basis:

  • Prevention Plan : relaying your evacuation and/or lockdown orders. 
  • Security cameras. 

What sets us apart?


We are real conductors of campsite and area management. Our team works hand in hand on a daily basis to boost the territories and optimise the management of private campings.


“Nothing better than a well-oiled machine to overcome any situation in a split second. The team is as diverse as it is multi-talented, and can assist an English motorhome user lost in Castelnaudary, just as well as they can signal a maintenance issue on a site in Brittany.”

Olivier Coudrette, Deputy CEO