Motorhome owners

Up until a few years ago, it was fairly uncommon to own a motorhome in France, but this trend is now rapidly increasing. Motorhome owners tend to favour comfort, simplicity and safety. They want to pay for a decent service at a reasonable price.

The figures are constantly growing, leaving no doubt about the momentum of this sector :

motorhome owners

Motorhome owners are an economic opportunity for local communities:

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What are their travel habits?

They are true 4 season all year round travellers! The majority of them are young retirees who spend an average of 8 months per year on the road. Their tourist activity is spread across the year and motorhome owners like to consume locally (markets, local shops, tourist sites, etc).


What they are looking for : 

  • The FREEDOM to use their motorhome whenever they like.
  • Parking as near to CENTERS OF INTEREST (town-centers, beaches…) as possible.
  • Services for DRAINING their vehicle every two days.
  • Being able to refill drinking WATER every two days.
  • Access to WIFI.
  • SECURED parking at night.
  • Easy access to the local TOURIST information.

Motorhome and campervan owners, the strength of the CAMPING-CAR PARK network

80 campervan and motorhome owners in the network have joined the CAMPING-CAR PARK adventure as ambassadors ! Depending on their availability, preferences and desires, they stay in different areas and promote the network in their own way. For example some of them like to hand out road maps to new arrivals (a great way to start a  conversation), others even help them to get their PASS’ETAPES cards. Many of them also share their opinions of the areas with us by making reports, which we pass on to other members via channels like social networks.

In his testimonial, Pascal, who is an ambassador since 2014, explains why he has taken on such a commitment with us:

« I am an Ambassador because it is a pleasure to be part of the wonderful CAMPING-CAR PARK adventure and contribute to the development of the network by sharing my own travel adventures and fun with other motorhome owners. I like being at the forefront of things, for the richness of exchanges I have with motorhome owners of all nationalities, from every corner of France. I offer to share my passions with other motorhome owners by organising several outings a year, activities like bike rides or clam fishing, and the day always ends with a shared aperitif where each motorhome owner brings what they want to the table. An enjoyable time, rich with exchanges. For my next activity, I’m offering something new, a bike ride to discover the Mont Dol and its superb panoramic view over the bay, followed by an evening of mussels and chips. »