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How does it work?

Find out how itinerant tourists have access to over 600 CAMPING-CAR PARK sites in Europe.

Staying in the stopover areas of the network

  • 1

    Create a PASS’ÉTAPES card

  • 2

    Find a CAMPING-CAR PARK site

  • 3

    Travel with or without a booking

  • 4

    Enter the site

  • 5

    Use the included services

  • 6

    Exit the site

Step 1: Create a PASS’ÉTAPES card

Two solutions: 

  • Collect the card directly from the payment terminal at the entrance of the campsite
  • Order the access card online on the website or the CAMPING-CAR PARK mobile application

The PASS’ÉTAPES can be recharged with the chosen amount (via the payment terminal, the website or the mobile application). 

The card costs 5€, is valid for life and gives access to over 600 European destinations, all year round and in full autonomy.

Step 2: Find a CAMPING-CAR PARK stopover area

To do so, the motorhome users can use: 

Each stopover area is listed on our website and mobile application on a dedicated page. In addition to the description of the site and the availability in real time, we promote the territory in which the stopover area is located.

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Step 3: Travel with or without a booking

Every customer is free to stay at the network’s stopover areas with or without a booking:


Without a reservation:

  • Access to the site at any time of the day. Stay for a 24 hour period (extendable) 
  • Entrance and exit of the site as many times as desired during these 24 hours 
  • The price of the stay is debited directly from the PASS’ÉTAPES account when the customer leaves the site.

With a reservation:

  • The stay can be booked in advance or on the same day (reservations and cancellations managed by CAMPING-CAR PARK) 
  • Entrance and exit of the site as many times as desired during the reservation
  • Possibility to stay with a second vehicle on a trailer (depending on the site) 

Step 4: How to enter a site?

  • Approach the vehicle to the entrance terminal
  • Scan the PASS’ÉTAPES card in front of the terminal keyboard 
  • The barrier opens and the motorhome user enters the site quickly and easily
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Step 5: Use the services included in the stay

On a CAMPING-CAR PARK stopover area:

The stopover areas are accessible 24/7 all year round to motorhomes and self-contained vans.

Services included in the price of a stay at a CAMPING-CAR PARK stopover area:

  • Emptying
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Recycling
  • Safety
  • WiFi
aire Montauroux
CAMPING-CAR PARK area of Montauroux (83)
Aire CAMPING CAR PARK Bedoin Mont Ventoux
CAMPING-CAR PARK area of Bédoin - Mont Ventoux (84)
CAMPING-CAR PARK service terminal

On a Camping de mon Village:

Motorhomes and self-contained vans are allowed all year round on the different Camping de mon Village. In summer (or during the opening of the sanitary facilities), caravans, tents and other vans are also allowed to stay. 

Services included in the price of a stay at a Camping de mon Village:

  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Emptying
  • Sanitary facilities (WC and showers)
  • Recycling
  • Safety
  • WiFi
Camping de mon village of Vatan (36)
Slider CMV 2
Camping de mon village of St Julien Le Montagnier (83)
camping de mon village saniataires
Camping de mon village of Vatan (36)

The services offered depend on every motorhome stopover/campsite. Customers of the network are invited to get more information about the specific services offered at each site directly on the website or mobile application.

Step 6: How to exit the site?

  • Make sure there is enough credit on the PASS’ÉTAPES account (otherwise the gate will not open: the customer is then invited to recharge his access card via the mobile application, the website or at the payment terminal)
  • Approach the vehicle to the exit terminal
  • Scan the PASS’ÉTAPES card on the terminal keyboard 
  • The gate opens and the customer can leave the site!



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To make the most of their stay…

Motorhome users can follow the CAMPING-CAR PARK tours written and designed by our teams. These road trip ideas can be found in the menu of the website. 

Customers can also benefit from advantages with the good deals.  By simply presenting their PASS’ÉTAPES card, motorhome users can enjoy partnerships with local actors. All the good deals available near a site are listed on the CAMPING-CAR PARK mobile application.

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