la turballe grande falaise

Discover the testimony of Didier Cadro, Mayor of La Turballe

Didier Cadro

Didier Cadro

  • Mayor of La Turballe 
  • Since 2020 
  • French departement :  Loire-Atlantique (44)
  • Region: Pays de la Loire


What were your expectations in creating a stopover area with CAMPING-CAR PARK?

In my opinion, it is not the role of a municipality to manage a motorhome stopover. It is not its role and it does not necessarily have the skills to do so. By creating an area with CAMPING-CAR PARK, we have found an effective solution to structure our territory without constraint. What makes the difference compared to an area managed by the local authorities is that their teams manage everything from start to finish. Beforehand, they manufacture their equipment and install it directly on site. When the site opens, they manage it remotely, even in the event of a problem. Finally, they manage the promotion and communication of the campsite to increase the number of visitors and encourage motorhome users to discover our territory. This is a real time saver and a considerable advantage for the elected representatives who do not have to worry about on-call duty. 


Why did you decide to entrust CAMPING-CAR PARK with the management of the other two areas already in your town?

We are committed to welcoming motorhome users in good conditions. We want them to stay in adapted, comfortable, quality areas with all the services they need. The town’s reputation is definitely at stake. We have also realised that there was a real disparity between the other two areas managed by the municipality and the one managed by CAMPING-CAR PARK. The results recorded on the CAMPING-CAR PARK site are impressive, with twice the number of visitors and it is easy to understand why: they have a Customer Service appreciated by the tourists, they promote the site all year round and they regularly maintain the equipment to ensure that it is working properly… It therefore seemed obvious to entrust the management of these 2 areas to real professionals.


What are the benefits of the CAMPING-CAR PARK  stopover area for your community and the citizens?

By exchanging with our shopkeepers, we have realised that motorhome users are a real asset for the community. They are tourists who buy and consume from the local shops. All our shopkeepers in the town center are unanimous in wanting the motorhome stopover to remain in the town center of La Turballe. Finally, as far as our residents are concerned, most of them are satisfied. Thanks to the stopover areas, we can avoid wild camping, which can disturb the peace and quiet of the town and its residents.