Discover the testimony of Jérémy Giuliano, Mayor of Le Val

Jeremy Giuliano

Jérémy Giuliano

  • Profession: Mayor
  • Town: Le Val
  • French departement:  Var (83)
  • Region: Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’azur


How would you describe our team in a few words? 

We have started the CAMPING-CAR PARK adventure since 1st July this year and everything is going very well. 

It is a great team that has been with us from the beginning. We had agreed on this project a year earlier, during the French Congress of Mayors. One of our objective in developing tourism in our town was to welcome motorhome users and offer them a quality service. 

CAMPING-CAR PARK is a turnkey solution that is very easy to set up, once the levelling works are done, the rest goes very quickly. It actually took us longer to think about the project than to implement it, and that is a great thing! 

What are the advantages for your town of working with CAMPING-CAR PARK?

The main advantage is the network, which is very extensive with over 350 stopover areas throughout Europe. We could see this from the day we opened the motorhome stopover: we hadn’t even put up the signage yet and the motorhomes were already there! They didn’t arrive by chance, and this is thanks to the network. 

The strongest point is without doubt the showcase that CAMPING-CAR PARK offers. 

We are also very satisfied with the « After Sales Service ». If there is any problem, we can call and get help immediately. 

Do you plan to make any further improvements to your motorhome stopover?

We are going to finalise the installation of our site with plantings. We will plant trees to have shade and a more natural environment. We are in the south of France with 300 days of sunshine a year! This will also  provide our visitors some privacy. 

We are also working with the association of the sports complex located just next to the site so that customers can enjoy the tennis court. We would like to install apparatus, allowing everyone to do sport.

The aim is for tourists to discover our medieval and typically Provençal village with its fountains, wash houses, mills and its natural, sporting and cultural aspects.